Passport to the Arts is a unique immersion of food, music, art and creativity in Clemson — truly a one-of-a-kind experience. 

This year, City and University leaders have embraced this comprehensive event to highlight the incredible local talent housed in the small college town of Clemson, S.C. Currently ranked in the Top 10 in the nation for "Town Gown Relations" by the Princeton Review, Clemson has supported this event that is truly an exceptional evening showcasing the beauty of this nationally renowned relationship. Passport to the Arts is quite a journey. Attendees receive a "Passport" at an announced starting location, and stamp their books at several venues as they travel through Clemson on provided transportation. At each new venue, a new batch of local food, music, art, and creativity will be on display. During Passport to the Arts, entertainment is at every turn — even on the shuttle; local musicians greet you with their talents as you travel through Clemson. This innovative combination of art and entertainment has made Passport to the Arts the "Town and Gown" event of the year — you do not want to miss this trip!

Passport to the Arts 2018 was the biggest and best Passport event to date! Held on March 2, Passport 2018 featured the Lee Gallery at Clemson University, The Arts Center of Clemson, the CATbus Terminal and The Watt Family Innovation Center.